Technical Equipment

Welding automation.

Kestrilimited is part of the global organization, diversified manufacturing company driven by innovation thinking, customer needs and specialized expertise. Around the globe, our company work side by side with customers to deliver products that contribute to delivering solutions and creating success. For many years our company has been supplying the global market with reliable products and expertise that is second to none. Our products are developed, delivered and supported by a team of technically driven professionals who understand the needs of our customers and work with them to deliver products and solutions for the heavy engineering, mining. Kestrelimited offers the finest welding carriages for cutting and welding automation. Travel carriages, gouging machines, welding and cutting operations you are guaranteed to find what you need from the trusted leader in welding automation. We offer worldwide distribution and personalized customer care. For quality you can rely on, select kestrelimited products and systems for your automated welding and cutting operations.

Road weighing stationeries.

Kestrelimited is a company carrying on the latest security systems and in the circulation of current technology. We are based on the latest technology, products and services provided to the community are of high quality. Our company also has a technical team consisting of highly qualified workers with extensive experience in the field of security systems. We already upgrade our quality management and technology updates to satisfy the needs of our customer and the principal as well. We believe that with all the capabilities, expertise and high commitment from us, Kestrelimited could be the successful company and remain competitive in the future.

Welding lubrication.

Improving your business through advanced metal forming lubricant technology has been our mission for many years. We achieve it by providing Lean Green non-oil metal-forming fluids and gels as well as by providing engineering services to help you optimize more than 80 manufacturing, assembly, and environmental areas. We start with our thin film's ability to protect tooling with 50% less lubricant, so you can cut application waste and housekeeping needs. In most cases, you can also remove our lubricants with plain water or mild alkaline cleaner, reducing chemical, water, and energy use by up to 75%. Also, our oil-free surfaces improve the conditions for welding and assembly. In fact, studies using MIG, TIG, and resistance welding techniques have proven that, in many cases, you're able to reduce washing demands prior to welding with our lubricants. We offer our products globally that is why we're used in manufacturing many critical components in automobiles, light and heavy trucks, exhaust systems, seating, turf maintenance, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, appliances, pressure vessels, and other products.


Kestrelimited is driven by vision to build the company into a temple of technology through team work, the organization has grown manifold from manufacturing gear boxes for machines to developing precision all-geared head lathe machines and later on sophisticated workshop machines.continous process improvement and fast adoption of state- of- the- art technology has led kestrelimited in becoming a leader in innovating manufacturing techniques.